April 30, 2012

Pool Shark

I am probably one of the worst pool players... ever, but it's very fun for me to watch.  There's something so delightful about the lines created with the pool cues, the archer-like poses of a person preparing their shot, and the bright felt covered table dotted with multi-colored balls.  Such a simple thing, a classic game, but kind of beautiful when you take a closer look at it.

In a sunny enclosed patio, the colors feel very warm and bright in this first round of images.  I love how the sea green walls perfectly contrast the burgundy felt and dark wood of the table.

In the darkness of a quiet bar, the lights above the tables in these next images give a vibrant yet cooling effect.  Heavy shadowing accentuates the contours of the bodies and make the lines of the pool cues really pop against the heavy background.